you can't always get WHAT YOU WANT

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you can't always get WHAT YOU WANT
you can't always get WHAT YOU WANT

SAM CUTLER was tour manager for the Rolling Stones at some of their
major gigs in the late sixties, including the free California concert
at ALTAMONT at which a man was killed in front of the stage whilst the
Stones played on. After the show Sam was left behind to make peace
with the various mobsters and organisations who had taken an overt
interest in the event, and the people of America.

There was no official investigation into events at Altamont, and those
involved have never before spoken on record. Sam Cutler has decided it
is time to  put to rest the myths and legends that have grown up
around one of the most infamous events in rock n roll history and
reveal the truth.

Sam survived Altamont and went on to live the ultimate rock n roll
dream. This is his own account of the high ol' times he had managing
tours for San Francisco band the Grateful Dead one of the worlds most
successful live acts.Along the way Sam draws intimate portraits of
other stars of the psychedelic circus that was the music industry in
the sixties and seventies, including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The
Band,Pink Floyd and Eric Clapton.

This book is an exhilarating, access-all-areas rock memoir who someone
who has seen - and done - it all.