Friday (29th sep), the NImbin Bush Theatre in Nimbim Australia

Sam Cutler

Friday (29th sep), the NImbin Bush Theatre in Nimbim Australia is hosting a screening of the classic late 60s music documentary “Gimme Shelter”. It’s a fly-on-the-wall record of the Rolling Stones’ first post-psychedelic American tour in 1969 which culminated in the notorious Altamont concert. My buddy, Sam Cutler (the man who organised the ’69 Stones tour and was left holding the can by them when it all went pear-shaped) will be there for a Q & A session afterwards. Sam is one of the most entertaining, cultured & articulate people I know (despite being a founding architect of the rock'n'roll lifestyle). He has some fascinating insights into this period, its high & lows & the music biz generally (he also went on to successfully tour manage & co-manage the Grateful Dead through what many regard as their peak period). Whether you’re a Stones fan or not, it’s well worth seeing this film. It captures a moment in time as the 60s counter-culture (which had spawned so much incredible new music) was de-railing and the traditional music biz was just beginning to figure out how to market & control all this rebellious, new, hairy noise. Sam’s insights into “what exactly went down” will be well worth hearing. See ya there… doors open at 6.00 pm and wonderful food is available .. Neal from Nimbin 

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