Sam Cutler

Any good band are only as strong as the people who support them. The people that immediately support the band are the crew. It's a hell of a job, exhausting, I don't understand how people could do it other than the fact that they love the music. That's the thing about the Grateful Dead's crew, the Dead put up with a lot of stuff from there crew that maybe they shouldn't have gotten away with, who knows. The one thing that of certainty was that the crew loved the band and did everything in their power to support that - to make the guys on stage feel safe, secure be in a happy space. These are all difficult things to achieve. It's hard to put your finger on why they should have been so successful but one of the reasons they've been successful, Parish in particular, was that they were loyal. Steve looked after Jerry for years. He looked after everything for him as I did when I was his tour manager. Parish, Ramrod, all those guys humping tons and tons and tons of equipment. Once and awhile they were bad tempered but I think they were one of the greatest crews of all time. I looked after the crew just like I looked after the band.

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