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People send me their poetry and it sometimes proves to be a difficult spot in which to be, for I hate to 'dislike' something that people have 'poured from their heart', that obviously means so much to them, and I desperately WANT to be able to say something positive, sometimes anything positive. I was sent a poem yesterday from a woman in the wilds of Oregon .. what can I say ? It touched my heart. There is no higher compliment than that from me. I loved it, and here it is, I'm sharing it with you, my friends. One love 

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Now is the time for remembering
Now is the time for returning
I have ran from truth out of fear and the old habitual well-worn groove
Albeit slowly
Dragging my great belly on the ground
Devouring everything of Beauty
I was once of Beauty
I would consume the Sun if only they’d give me my wings back

Hungry for truth, yet crawling
Eager for proof, yet stalling
I want to know everything
I want to feel it all inside of me and in my owning 
The world; 
Know It All
And, in the stillness of a creation less void
In a last Great Lake lifeless and quiet, nothing stirring
Seeing my self in the mirror 
And what I am becoming
Awareness gives birth to a great dying
A dying off of illusion
Impermanence can’t be bribed or owned
Now is the time for Returning

I surrender
I give my Self over so something new can come through
I let go 
Of all that I’ve been clinging to
In my gut
The serpent has a new calling
Now is the time for remembering
I shed my old skins
Skins of a 1,000 wounded years of protection and coddling
Skins of greed born of confusion
Skins of gluttony, lust, intolerance
Skins of FEAR
Of shame, of doubt, of delusion
Skins of domination and arrogance
Of anger, of hate and retaliation
Skins designed for war
And this and so much more
And in the end
I am just a pathetic trembling throbbing
A need to be loved
A relentless longing
At last, I even relinquish this
The ancient insatiable urge
I have come to know so well 
And in the letting go, 
A Dawning
No safety
No escape
I thought Owning was appreciating
Now, I see
Appreciating is the owning
Truths brought forth in the process of 

As my volcano erupts in it’s final quaking  
Naked and wild beats of the Heart
Drum the bones of my spine into breaking
They fissure completely apart
The Spirit of my serpent smile
Curve the corner of gently parted lips 
Finally knowing

Like a long forgotten friend returning
I am that which I have been searching 
That ineffable too sacred to be named Love
Gentle vulnerable tremble 
Underneath the longing
I know what Lazarus wanted to tell you
I know why the Great ones already ate their own tails
Long ago

Now is the time for Returning
Now is the time for Remembering
What you All Already know

(Nicole Miller)

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