Sam Cutler

Being on Facebook, on the internet in general, can be an 'interesting' experience (to say the least) when one is grey haired and 74 .. it's actually sometimes quite 'deflating'. The last few weeks have been strange and I'm not talking about the 'cancer issues'. It must have something to do with my mentioning the word 'divorce' several times .. perhaps there's a Facebook algorithm that recognises the word divorce and then 'suggests' various nubile young ladies as potential friends ! All of a sudden dozens of ladies with 'large personalities' amply displayed on their Facebook pages have been suggested to me as friends .. I have to admit that I was curious about this phenomena. I mean, surely young ladies with 'all the bits in the right places' are not REALLY attracted to 'older men' or is there suddenly a plague of 'father figure worship' hitting America? I added as a friend several of them and had curious experiences. One said she was overseas 'fighting America's enemies' and good for her, and wanted me to send money to an address in Nigeria !! They almost all seem to have an extraordinary interest in the almighty dollar and in me sending some to them. I mean REALLY, do old men actually send money to girls they've never met ? I find it hard to believe but I guess they do. Having said that, I've actually met several really sweet people via the 'recommended friends' route, so I am certainly not dismissing all of them as frauds. But my over-seventy male friends let me give you a warning .. ladies with ample figures that they are prepared to 'flaunt' in front of the world are probably actually not THAT interested in YOU. It's deflating isn't it ? Of course one flatters oneself and thinks that one's still 'got it' (and it could be true) BUT one of the sobering aspects of being over seventy is the adult realisation that young ladies are now no longer actually attracted to YOU. Sorry 'oldies', you're not in the game ! One can take this in several ways I guess, and as a 70+ male I find it kind of refreshing. I have my lady friends, they stretch from twenty to ninety, and every one of them knows I am worth about fifteen bucks LOL. None of them love me for my monetary wealth, that's for SURE ! So here we are, standing on the 'sidelines' watching the merry go round, digging all the subtle and not so subtle moves that people make. It's been a strange life, but a good one, and by living this long I've come to the realisation that I have wasted so much time chasing and being chased by the ladies. It's been wonderful, but now it's no more. Perhaps ! I shall stick with my friends that I have all over the world, they are so sweet and kind, and at least they don't expect me to send money to Western Union in some hopelessly remote location. I love you ladies, forgive me for warning my fellow 'oldies' about you .. as the saying has it, 'there's no fool like an old fool'. LOL There's also another one that says 'caveat emptor'. One love 

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