Sam Cutler

My thoughts go out to all my friends and indeed all who live in Northern California and are facing the terrifying proximity of the out of control fires. I live in Australia, the driest continent on earth, and we often have fires here of staggering size and intensity. They are a horrible experience and in the face of these frightening phenomena one is rendered virtually helpless and certainly FEELS powerless and is left with little option but to flee. My thoughts are with everyone affected and my gratitude goes out to the brave fire-fighters who are facing the inferno .. let us not forget that they too have families and properties in the path of the fire and yet they have selflessly opted to fight the blaze upon behalf of others. When the going gets tough, there is in the heart of the American soul "the good" .. brave men and women who think of others before themselves. May they be safe in their vital work and return unharmed. One love 

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