Sam Cutler

The bus is fixed with the brakes back in action and she's ready for "the wind in her sails". I have had a happy week in the Bega Valley in southern New South Wales staying with Heath Cullen and the lovely Laura .. sweet country people who love music and whiskey and who could not have been more hospitable. We have had epic backgammon sessions, I have met some of the sweetest people imaginable that live in the valley, I have come away with two amazing jackets, some fond memories AND the possibility of a place to 'settle down' make a contribution to the local flora and fauna, and get seriously into my writing. First though, the road calls. I head north to Sydney today. Then Manley to & North Avoca on Tuesday to see Jeremy Hudson and Cherie Michelle B and the babies. Wednesday, continuing north, I hope to visit with John Lind as I go through to Bellingen. Thursday sees me make it to Ocean Shores, then on to Brisbane to see my sons for the weekend. November I'm in Nimbin finishing my novel. Life goes on. The village of Candello has been a wonderful revelation, as has the whole Bega Valley .. a beautiful part of the world. I travel on feeling great as I was turned on to apple-cider vinegar and have been taking a teaspoon full a day .. people have been recommending it for years, I've finally stared to listen! The sun is shining, the birds are calling, I couldn't feel happier .. life is such a splendid gift. Onwards through the fog, and as my old mother used to say, "Home James, and don't spare the horses". In December I shall return. One love

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