AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam Cutler

For those of us who have American friends, dear brothers and sisters, who have travelled extensively in America, been the grateful recipients of American largesse and unprecedented generosity, the news from Las Vegas is truly shocking. What is the matter with a country that allows people easy access to weapons that are specifically designed to kill and maim enemies in combat ?? WHY is such a ridiculous state of affairs allowed to obtain ? For those of us who are NOT Americans, but who wish you no harm or ill-will, the events of Las Vegas are truly disturbing .. where is all of this to end ?? My heart goes out to the hundreds of injured, to the dead, to the family and friends who are suffering .. what a sad day. When will people learn that access to weapons simply enables the deranged to slaughter those they consider their enemies .. that is, you and I, innocent people. ONE LOVE 

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