Sam Cutler

Yesterday, on the way north, I stopped to see friends .. he's one of the world's greatest drinks photographers and at the top of the tree in the advertising world and has just had another son. She's a 'yummy mummy' and a stylist. I drove north for hours and visited a friend who has lectured in film studies in London, Moscow and Los Angeles. Last night I parked the bus in a beautiful paddock full of Strelitzia (Regina .. queen of flowers) and hung out with a world famous combat photographer, a television producer, two journalists and several lovely ladies. Together we 'visited the gods'. Rural Australia is FULL of interesting people .. heck there's still swag men and coolabah trees but I'm buggered if I've seen any of them .. just miles of eucalyptus trees, thousands of kangaroos and enough good conversation to keep even Einstein engaged. Such happy trails ! One love !

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